Entry #2

My first flash movie...

2010-05-14 06:06:10 by flamereaver

It's a flash movie I made for an art exam and long stories short I got a perfect 100 score so I thought that theres nothing to loose by uploading this here.

My first flash movie...


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2017-05-21 04:02:29

Congrats on being the User of the Day! It only took 10 years lol.

Here's a screencap for you to enjoy~ https://puu.sh/vWMqF/8e21abe502.jpg

flamereaver responds:

Thanks, never knew there even was such a thing XD.


2017-05-21 04:07:18

user of the day
good luck on that animation exam
but not sure if you will get 100/100 on NG
best fo luck

flamereaver responds:

Actually I did get a 100/100 on art finals in my country, thanks.