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Damn cosplayers!

I must admit the movie was interesting. I didn't enjoy the ending as much, but the occurring events kept me interested until the end so props to that.


Your past episode was better, but I found some enjoyment in this, so you did a good job. Some jokes worked and some didn't, I was expecting more from the plot though as this almost felt like a filler episode. I really liked the new villain design, the henchman who can only say yes part was funny, sadly some of the jokes felt they came out of nowhere. You should really do some foreshadowing for the jokes so they make more sense.


Shame it was too short because it was the first mastermind where I actually laughed my ass off XD.

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I rated this 1/5

And 2/10... The game is irrelevant.


what kind of zombies are you talking about ? if it's the resident evil ones then they would clearly need to eat since the t virus turnes them into living creatures whose brains have died but the bodie remains and functions so they clearly feed of the flesh of beings couse of instinct. It's strange to me when you explained that zombies don't need to eat they just want to spread the virus, how is that posible they clearly can't think and all the t virus does is restores cell's. Unless ofcourse the virus your talking about is deifrent. Anyways not a bad quiz i got a B saying that i'd probably survie, i seriously doubt it dough.

secv responds:

I said they don't need to eat on the basis that the digestive system isn't functioning anymore. There are many viruses/bacterium/spores that can significantly impact their host. In this situation, the virus 'tells" the body to bite things so the virus will spread. Y'know, like the virus "wants" to survive as well.

Think of it like a computer virus. It doesn't think, only carries out instructions encoded into it.


interesting concept. I got thrue it pretty easily dough.The last scene was awesome i died like 7 times before i found a way to kill the visitor without it killing me.all and all a sucess i sugest you make it longer that the only complaint i have.

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Make it longer and you'll have the perfect song, I really suggest you finish this one since the piece is better than your last 10 instrumentals in my opinion. XD


I'm not going to be giving you more views, but I gave you a 5/5 rating and 10 stars, I've also downloaded it and thats why I'm not listening it here anymore XD.


Sound like a snowgoons song :).

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Looks like a non-impressed or annoyed Ichigo to me. :D

Aww... you can no longer call her stockings :(

But anyways, as fucked up as this is it still doesn't hold a candle to Uziga Waita, when I looked up his manga it said "Warning this content has been marked offensive for everyone. Due to it's content,it should not be viewed by anyone" XD

TheShadling responds:

kinda like southpark


Very nice style and shading, the face kinda looks like a females due to the pointy chin. Other than that I'd suggest making a background to go with the image. Great job!!!

No mater the result an honest effort will bring progress, one step further is all you need.

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